Common use rehabilitation device after knee surgery

After knee surgery , in order to training the flexion ability of knee and recover the active of knee so there is one common rehabilitation machine will be using in Orthopedic Ward or rehabilitation center . It call Knee CPM, but also call as CPM Machine, in addition we have heard many patients just call it as bending machine.



What is CPM? CPM is the abbreviation of continuous passive motion .CPM Machine was invented by Salter and others in 1970s. In 1980s CPM mostly apply to training the motion of knee joint after knee replacement. It has been considering an importance rehabilitation device since that time and it has been using in many case after knee replacement .CPM Machine not just using for joint replacement but also using in Cartilage cell transplantation surgery and ligament rebuilding


CPM Machine mainly use in the first recovery stage after surgery. It’s able to improve the motion range of joint by using a softly move force .It will be very helpful for joint motion ability recovery if CPM is apply in early stage after surgery .

Such as KneeCPM Machine can speedy cleaning the hyphema and hydrops of joint ; Improve the motion range of joint back to normal level ;Prevent joint go stiff and spasticity; Offering stimulation making collagen can be more tidiness during the recovery period ; joint surface friction can be stimulate metabolism of chondrocytes ,accelerate cell matrix fundamental , increase the  nutrition of cartilago articularis to avoid  degeneration happens ;Also it will stop gall and hydrops of joint growing

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