Probe Maintenance

Clear the probe:
Clear the residual gel or stained point on the probe tip by flowing clean water;
Clean the probe tip with little liquid detergent by soft and clean cloth;
Clear the probe tip again by flowing clean water;
Wipe the probe and make it dry by soft and clean cloth.

Caution A:
① Probe can only be used by professionally trained operator;
② Probe can not be sterilized and disinfected by autoclave. If it needs to be used in the sterilized occasion, the probe should be covered by disposable sterilized probe cover.

Caution B:
① Don’t let the probe surface be scratched during use;
② Try to avoid dropping down the probe or knocking the probe;
③ Don’t curve or tightly pull the power cord of the probe;
④ Keep the probe clean and dry;
⑤ Connect or disconnect the probe in power “off” status;
⑥ Never let the probe plug or its near power cord be touched by any liquid.

Movement of the System

When moving or transporting the system, please make sure that the following precautionary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the user and the security of the system to the largest extent.

  1. Switch off the system;
  2. Disconnect all cables that connect to external equipments;
  3. Make sure that there isn’t anything unstable on the control panel;
  4. Push the small keyboard inside;
  5. Arrange the power cord of the system safely at the back;
  6. Put the probe into the probe case;
  7. Put the ultrasonic gel into the gel holder at the side of the system;
  8. Hold the handle at the back of the system to move the system;
  9. Try the best to reduce the vibration to the system to avoid the negative effects.

Safety Examine of the System

Check the system every time before using

  1. Check the probe that whether it is damaged or not;
  2. Check the cables and power cord that whether they are broken, scratched or not.
  3. Check the system every month regularly

Check the main unit whether there is any mechanism problem or not;

  1. Check whether the control panel is right or not;
  2. Check whether the hardware for the equipment is lost or lack;
  3. Check the trackball, and clean it if it is necessary.

Clear the system

Clear the system one time per week:

Please use a piece of soft and moist cloth to clear the monitor. If the monitor looks relatively dirty, add some detergent into the cloth and then use the cloth to clear the monitor. Please never splash any liquid directly into the system and make sure that the monitor will never be scratched.

Control panel:
Please use a piece of soft and moist cloth to clear the keyboard control panel, and use a piece of toothpick to clear the solid dust around the GAIN knob.
Surface: Please use a piece of soft and dry cloth to clear the surface of the system, and use a piece of soft cloth with some detergent to clear dirty spot on the surface.


① Please make sure that the power is turned off and the power cord is disconnected from the socket before clearing the system. There would be the danger of electric shock if clearing the system in power “on” status.
② The biopsy facility can not be sterilized with “Yangluling” disinfectant.


Errors & Messages


When starting the system, power indicator light is not lit. 1)Check the power supply cable where on the rear of equipment whether connected already or not;
2)Check fuse, if find the fuse are burned as power supply sudden change, use spare fuse of the same mode (250V 10A) to replace the fuse.
When starting the system, keyboard light is lit, monitor has output but no ultrasonic image. 1)Check the power supply cord of the monitor, whether connected already or not;
2)Check the on-off knob of monitor, whether opened up or not;
3)Check the VGA cable whether connected to the VGA 1 of equipment rear or not.
When starting the system, the monitor output with format, appears “No probe, please connect probe” dialog box. Switch off power, and check the connection of probe.
The video printer cannot print when press the[print] key on the big panel 1)Check whether the video printer electrified or not;
2)Whether there is printer paper or not in the printer;
3) Check whether the video printer well connected to the system or not.
Image has interference and the image at high depth is not clear 1)Move and avoid interference;
2)Use separate 220V power cord;
3)Ground the main unit well;
4)Adjust depth parameter of image.
Appear “Ultrasound Scanner” dialog box on the screen. The power supply is not stable. Use a voltage stabilizer.
The date and time on the screen is not correct. Press [SETUP] key , select [System] and set the correct time and date.