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Doppler Trolley Ultrasound Machines-Excellent Performance -DTU01

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Color Doppler Trolley Ultrasound Machines-DTU01

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Doppler Trolley Ultrasound Machines Application

Abdomen / Obstetrics / Gynecology /

Urology / Andrology / Small Parts / Vascular /

Pediatrics / Musculoskeletal




Transducer Ports: 3

USB Ports: 2

Hard Disc: 60GB (SSD)

120G/256GB SSD (Optional)

Footswitch: USB

Ethernet Port: 2(100Mb/1000Mb)

External Display: VGA


USB Printer

Digital Laser Printer

Digital B/W Thermal Printer


Cine/Image Memory

Cine Memory: 1200 frame

Cine Review Speed: 1-5

Cine Review Loop

Cine Capture Function


DICOM Connectivity

DICOM3.0 Compliant


Image Storage

Storage Format:


Export Video Format: AVI

Export Image Format:


USB Flash Drive



Panoramic Imaging Tech

All-digital signal processing Tech

Multibeam formation Tech

Speckle Reduction Tech

Tissue Harmonic Imaging Tech

Dynamic Tissue Optimization Tech

Duplex & Triplex Synchronous Display

Directional Power Doppler

Imaging Parameters Preset


General Performance

Digital Broadband: 12288 channels

Beam-former: Re-programmable

Transmit Voltage: Adjustable (15 steps)

Beam-former Frequency Range: 1~40 MHz



Real-Time Image Zoom

Zoom Range: 100%~400%

Up/Down/Left/Right Inversion


Hardware Specification

LCD Monitor

Size (Diagonal): 17”

Contrast Ratio: 800:1

Resolution: 1024×768 pixels

Brightness: 230 cd/m2

Color Depth: 24bit

Rotate Angle: ± 90°

Grey Levels: 256


Embedded Speakers

Impedance: 4Ω

Power: 5 W


UPS (Optional)


Imaging Performance

Startup Time (Max):

Avg. < 90 seconds

Preset Switching Time:

Avg. < 1 second

Storage Time (Image to Disk):

Avg. < 0.5 second



Convex Probe

Frequency: Central 3.5 MHz

Min. 2.0 MHz

Max. 5.0 MHz

Pitch: 0.516 mm

Radius: 60 mm

Number of Elements: 96


Linear Probe:

Frequency: Central 7.5 MHz

Min. 6.0 MHz

Max. 12.0 MHz

Pitch: 0.352 mm

Radius: N/A

Number of Elements: 96


Trans-vaginal Probe:

Frequency: Central 6.5 MHz

Min. 5.0 MHz

Max. 9.0 MHz

Pitch: 0.216 mm

Radius: 10 mm

Number of Elements: 96


User Interface

  • Intuitive Windows-based operating principles
    • User-centric control panel with HomeBase layout and control customization
    • On/Off task light and back-lit illumination of control panel
    • Variable brightness indicates active state of function keys
    • Easily accessible, full size QWERTY keyboard for text entry, function keys and system programming
  • Cine Playback,Multiple Arrows,Configurable Worksheets,Exam Review,Pictograms (Body Marks),System Setup Menu


Imaging Modes

B, 2B, 4B, M, B/M, B/C, B/D,


Color, Dual Color

Simultaneous 2D/Color Compound

PW, Duplex/Triplex

CFM, CDE, PD, Directional PD, CD



Maps: 17

Focus Count: Max. 4

Gain: 0~255

TGC: 8 Sliders

Dynamic Range: 0~150dB

Depth: Max. 30cm

Acoustic Power: 0 ~ 15

Chroma: 0~7

Grayscale Levels: 256

Frame Rate: Max.1028Hz

Persistence/ Frame Average: Up to 7

Image Optimization: 0~6

Top/Bottom/Left/Right Reverse

Speckle Reduction

Second Harmonics



Maps: 16

Chroma: 16

Sweep Speed: 3

Gain: 0~255

Distance: Point-to-Point

Max Steer Angle: 15°

Diameter Reduction: Point-to-Point

Heart Rate/Time/Distance/Slope



Color Mode

Gain: 0~255

Color Maps: 0~6

Doppler Steer Angles: 7 Steps

Wall Filter: 0~3

Spatial Filtering: 0~3

Acoustical Power: 0 ~ 15

Doppler Multi-Frequency: 2MHz~10MHz

Line Density Max: 256 Lines

Persistence/Frame Average: 0~7

Bloodstream Gain: 0~127

Packet Size: 8~15

Baseline/Invert/Color ROI/M-Mode


PW Mode

Gain: 0~255

D Linear Velocity: 0~2

Doppler Steer Angles: 7 Steps

Edge Enhancement: 0~7

Wall Filtering: 0~3

Audio: 0~255

Correction Angle: 80°/-80°

Doppler Multi-Frequency: 2MHz~10MHz

Pulse Repetition Frequency: 2khz~6khz

Chroma: 0~7

Baseline Adjustment: 0~6

Three Synchronizations

Spectrum Inversion


Measurement Specifications

Analysis Packages






Peripheral Vascular


Small Parts



Basic Measurement

B-mode basic measurement:Distance, Angle, Perimeter and Area (ellipse or track-based method), Volume, Histogram, Sectional Map

M-mode basic measurement:Heart Rate, Time, Distance, Speed



All general measurements and calculations

Obstetrical data versions to calculate gestational age:

— Two fixed data revisions: Asia & Europe

— One editable data version: User Custom

— Each version can estimate the gestational age and expected date of confinement based on measured gestational sac (GS), biparietal diameter (BPD), crown-rump length (CRL), femur length (FL), humeral length (HL), abdominal transverse diameter (ATD), vertebral length (LV), occipitofrontal diameter (OFD), abdominal circumference (AC) and head circumference (HC)

Obstetrical Report

Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI)

BPD/OFD, FL/AC, FL/BPD and HC/AC ratio

Estimate Weight Of Fetus

Gestational Age

Expected Date Of Confinement (LMP/BBT)

Fetal Biophysical Score

Fetus Growth Curve



All general measurements and calculations

Uterus, Ovary, Follicle

Gynecology Report



All general measurements and calculations

Kidney, Bladder, Residual Urine Volume

Urology Report



All general measurements and calculations

Prostate, Testis

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Prostate Specific Antigen Density (PSAD)

Andrology report


Small Parts

All general measurements and calculations

Thyroid, Mammary Gland, Nodule

Small Parts Report


Peripheral Vascular

All general measurements and calculations

Area Stenosis

Vessel Diameter Stenosis

Peripheral Vascular Report



All general measurements and calculations

Right and left extremity measurements

Venous patient report



All general measurements and calculations

Right and left hip angle measurement

Hip angle patient report



worldwide_bannerPackaging detail:Standard export package.
Delivery detail:within 7-10 working days after receipt of payment.

Warranty Period :12-24 months (stats from the day arrival destination port)

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