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    Cervical lumbar traction tables



    cervical lumbar traction tables

    About cervical lumbar traction tables

    Cervical lumbar tracion tables is used to relieve pain associated with neck root compression or neck muscle spasms. The head is lifted to stretch the muscles and soft tissues of the neck, opening up the spaces between the upper vertebrae, thereby releasing tension and pressure on neck structures.

    Similarly, Cervical lumbar traction tables utilizes the application of a certain amount of force to the lower spine to reduce the pain associated with muscle spasms and nerve root impingement in the lumbar region. The traction force may be applied either manually or mechanically, as determined by a physical therapist.


    Features of cervical lumbar traction tables

    1. 8 different traction modes for cervical lumbar traction bed.
    2. 20 treatment schedules are stored for reading.
    3. Setting values of traction and real operation values can be monitored
    4. Total time, time of duration, intermittent time and traction force are all
    digitally displayed.
    5. It can compensate traction force automatically.
    6. It has a simple method of inputting traction parameters.
    7. It has special semiconductor infrared ray for waist thermal therapy.
    8. Cervical vertebra traction is controlled by computer so that both time
    and force are controlled by program. The patient has emergency
    control restorer; besides, it is highly automated with automatic
    protection function in case of oversize cervical vertebra traction force.
    9. The integrated traction for lumbar and cervical vertebra enables it to
    carry out lumbar or cervical vertebra traction on two patients at the
    same time, saving space and cost for investors.


    Technolog parameters of cervical lumbar traction tables:

    Power voltage: AC220V±22V; 50Hz±1Hz.
    Rated input power: ≤450w.
    Lumbar vertebra traction distance: 0~200mm.
    Lumbar vertebra traction force: continuously adjustable within 0~99kg.
    Total traction time: continuously adjustable within 0~99min.
    Continuous traction time: continuously adjustable within 0~9min.
    Intermittent traction time: continuously adjustable within 0~9min.
    Angulated angle range: continuously adjustable within 0°~+30°.
    Waist thermal therapy temperature: ≤55℃.
    Cervical vertebra traction force: 0~300N.
    Cervical vertebra traction distance: 0~300mm.


    Contraindications for cervical lumbar tractiontables:

    Osteoporosis, serious heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,
    lung dysfunction, spinal tuberculosis, tumor, skin damage, pregnant
    women and other diseases clinically prohibited.


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