For a long time, due to “the death of nerve cells can not regenerate” point of view influence academia always think after a severe nerve injury is difficult to properly recover.

Clinical rehabilitation medicine Practice has proved that: neurological and function recovery after injury is possible; the brain has malleable, brain function after brain injury is also possible restructuring. Many brain injury patients through rehabilitation, restoration of injured nervous function, and even return to work, such examples abound. Even if certain diseases are caused by disability, rehabilitation therapy can use comprehensive measures to develop their human potential, were sick functional training, enhancements, functional compensation, to avoid complications caused by brake or secondary disability, reduce the degree of disability, reduce the economic burden on society and the family and labor, access to social benefits, but also increase the value of life itself.


Why cerebral stroke should need Early Rehabilitation Therapy ?

Past cerebral apoplexy patients in the acute phase of absolute bed rest, rescue and medications; After being treated, the patient can sit, since ambulation and other activities, after the disease takes about 1-2 months, when the patient has a “comprehensive disuse sign “, such as muscular dystrophy, limb spasms, seriously affecting the function and quality of life, so much slow progress of rehabilitation.
Rehabilitation workers through constant practice recognizing when the it begin rehabilitation therapy should be disease. Early Rehabilitation Therapy and drug treatment must be carried out simultaneously. Because after stroke, paralysis of limbs in functional recovery process, inevitable limb spasticity. We should pay attention to a good position when the limb during the acute phase in bed, in a timely manner passive movement and other timely rehabilitation measures to avoid and mitigate the spasm, prevent the emergence of “disuse syndrome”, can greatly promote the rehabilitation process , do more with less. Meanwhile Early Rehabilitation Therapy can make full mental preparation and physical aspects of the patient, the patient a speedy recovery.

What is the Early Rehabilitation Therapy?

Early Acute Stroke Rehabilitation is an important part of the treatment, in 3 days after the onset of cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage in 5-7 days after onset began to use rehabilitation are called Early Rehabilitation Therapy. Some countries have put forward the concept of super-Early Rehabilitation Therapy, that the onset of the first day began to take rehabilitation, simultaneously with clinical medicine. Currently, the concept of Early Rehabilitation Therapy more consistent understanding means: cerebral stroke patients stable vital signs, neurological symptoms after 48 hours is not development Then start the treatment of rehabilitation.


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