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About Rehab-Medical

Rehab-Medical is a leading supplier of medical equipment in china for years. Established at 1992.

Located at Guangzhou City, China.

Rehab-Medical supplies a broad range of medical equipment for hospital, home care, health center, rehab center and much more. With the aim ‘Bring Healthy and Happy Back to You’ our key mission is to allow our equipment to be easily utilized by doctor, physician, and patient or long term care professionals worldwide. Ultimately, our versatility strives to widen the spectrum of end users, extend the possibilities of diverse treatment plans, and optimize efficiencies.

Every Medical Equipment from Rehab-Medical are all passed quality test and producing under quality control system-ISO-13485.

A broad range of medical equipment is now available to assist hospitals, Physio Center, home care and other care environments, to improve the working environment and most important is optimize therapeutic outcomes.

  1. Quality is Our Culture , Your Success is Our Super Goal !